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Anyway, my point is I want to make it a place where I am pretty certain to get a deer. That doesnt seem very fair to the deer. Am I wrong?
Is what you're doing legal in your state?

Fair chase means hunting legal in your state and not shooting animals that are penned in a small enclosure waiting to be released with the gunner standing by the fence gate.

I live in the middle of the woods and can shoot a deer most any day of the year from inside the house. It's not illegal here to do so during deer hunting season. I've killed three or four does out of the kitchen window over the years to put venison in the freezer and will probably shoot a few more as the years go by. By no means do I feel this is hunting but rather killing a deer to eat. IMO, nothing wrong with legally killing a deer to eat.

Hunting to me, is the cat and mouse game I play with a certain buck I've picked out earlier in the year or one I've chased for a couple years trying to use my skills in the woods to outsmart him. Would I shoot him out the kitchen window? No.
Would I hunt for him over a food plot whether it be one I planted, the neighbors corn or soybean field or a natural food plot made up of a stand of hickories...YEP. Would I hunt him over his fav. watering hole... Yep. Do I think it's fair to use this bucks natural sex drive against himself and hunt for him where the does are going to be because I know sooner or later he will probably show up trying to court one of the does...Yep.

Everyone has their own opinion/morals/convictions when it comes to hunting. As long as you are doing it within the boundaries of the law where you hunt, let your conscience be your guide.
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