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Shoulder holster or inside jacket pocket and no such worries.

Occasionally I hear of people forgetting one and other people finding it.
I hope simply taking a dump never taxes my brain so much that I'd forget and leave a handgun laying around unattended. Maybe when Alzheimers has struck, but not before. If my brain ever deteriorated that much I'd be carrying in a custom made diaper by then and not be bothered by pitstops.

That's because modern, quality firearms cannot fire when they strike the ground, despite what the headlines above might imply.
Never say never when it comes to any sort of mechanical malfunction.

Andrew Seals entered a bathroom stall about 1 p.m., at a Walmart at McKellips and Greenfield roads, and began to sit down when his Ruger .357-caliber Western-style revolver fell out of its holster and fired a round, Mesa police Sgt. Ed Wessing said.
Doesn't say whether or not this Ruger has the transfer bar, older models didn't have it and you could send them in to have one retrofitted.

One story does not ID the type of handgun at all, and the other says that the Khar should not have gone off when dropped.

That said I have posted of having rendered first aid to a man who had let his cocked revolver slip from his lap when his car hit a speed bump (saw potential carjacking situation), he did trigger the gun accidentally when he grabbed for it.
After that he never carried with a live round under the hammer regardless of the type of pistol he carried just in case.

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