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I'd hate to even venture a guess on the number of "civilian" AR-15 purchases over the past 35 days or so.

Read what I wrote carefully:

I wrote: You think Colt really cares about civil AR-15 sales? NYPD buys more than every civil purchase put together.

I bet the numbers sold by COLT to civilians in comparison to government sales (military and civil government sales) are pretty damned small, and it's COLT that I was referring to. They sell FAR more weapons to the military and police than they do to civilians. When was the last time you saw a COLT AR-15 for sale at a gun store? MOST of the AR-15 type rifles sold to civilians are made by a hodge-podge of small firms. Very few to none of them will do anything to affect their small markets adversely, IE turning away sales to law enforcement groups in order to make a statement. That's just bad business.

The infrastructures of S&W and Colt and Remington et-al were all set forth in the early industrial age. It's expensive to move a factory, and as a result those factories have stayed and will likely stay right where they were built in the 1800's.



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