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Originally Posted by pohill View Post
I live in MA and have a Class A permit, so basically I can buy any gun that's for sale in MA. Some of the modern guns that I own are not Mass compliant but are grandfathered in. The problem is when I try to buy in NH or ME. ME is where I buy all my BP guns, powder, caps, etc. and I can buy any BP long gun or cap and ball revolver, but the store will not sell me a cartridge revolver, even if it's an antique. They do not want to mess with MA laws so they cover their butts when selling to a MA resident. I recently bought an original Springfield Trapdoor 50-70, and a Gallagher .54, but since they both shoot a cartridge, I had to go through a background check. Pain in the arse, annoying, but it had to be done if I wanted those guns. If I bought them in MA, I would not have needed a background check (antiques). Confusing as heck.
I don't think they could legally sell an out of state resident a handgun. A long gun is fair game. But I believe you cannot purchase a handgun out of state regardless of where it is. It has to be shipped between two FFLs to cross state line for transfer.

Likewise, for the cartridge rifle, they're following their state law, which doesn't recognize the background check associated with a "foreign" permit like your MA Class A.

I dare say you would find exactly the same procedure anywhere you go in the country. It isn't just ME law. It's the GCA 1968.
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