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Understand that we are never safe. Ever. It matters not if you like semi-auto rifles or muzzleloaders, precision bolt action rifles or airguns, the anti-gun forces do not care and will not rest until they have effectively disarmed everyone. Their view of the second amendment is so childish as to be laughable. Just today I read an article in the Los Angeles Times that quoted Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa as saying "When the founders passed the 2nd amendment, they didn't have assault weapons back then. The notion that you're violating the 2nd amendment by banning assault weapons doesn't pass the history test or the laugh test. If you need a high capacity magazine with over ten bullets to hunt a deer, you're in the wrong sport".

This from one of the most powerful politicians in California.

We must be ever vigilant and never give an inch. The anti-gun forces use terms like "compromise" without ever giving up anything on their end, and "common sense restrictions" without ever using any common sense themselves. They work at driving wedges between the different factions of the shooting sports and, sadly, are oftentimes successful. How many times have you heard someone quote a "hunter" or a "gun owner" who says no one needs a high capacity magazine. Rest assured, these people are evil and cunning and know exactly what they're doing.

The best thing to do as a firearms enthusiast and a patriot is to always maintain a membership in the NRA, especially in light of the media's unrelenting attacks on all of the good people who comprise the backbone of this fine organization.

And most certainly, do not ever think they will not come after you. As an example, many years ago I belonged to an organization known as the Fifty Caliber Shooters Association. The FCSA had a bimonthly publication and NEVER got in involved in the politics of firearms. Their position was that they were gentleman shooters whose rifles were so large and costly that no one would ever consider them as anything other than sporting rifles. Of course they were wrong and in short order the .50 BMG cartridge and rifle became a media generated bogey man that was successfully legislated against and banned in the state of California - even though not one crime was ever committed by someone using a .50 BMG rifle. Needless to say, the FCSA is a very politically involved group these days.

I could go on, but I think I've made my point.
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