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Originally Posted by B.L.E.
I figured it's the amount of energy needed to cock the spring that determines how much energy the hammer has.
Yes - the spring, not hammer mass, determines the energy of the hammer strike. But energy only has the potential to do work, so how it's applied to the primer is critical. To dent the primer, all that energy needs to be applied fast. That's power. Pushed by the same spring, a lighter, faster hammer delivers more power (with less momentum) to the primer (shorter lock time, too). Imagine a hand-held hammer meeting your car's bumper - the lighter, faster one is more likely to leave a more defined dent.

Originally Posted by B.L.E.
I think bobbing the spur would be more effective since the mass of the spur is so far away from the pivot point, but then you'd have no good way to cock it.
Yes - not all hammer mass is the same. Mass that's farthest from the pivot will have the greatest effect on hammer speed & lock time when it's removed. One of the advantages of going DAO on a DA/SA revolver.
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