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You will be lucky if you can find a SKS now & if you can you will pay big bucks $$$ for it. As far as ammo for it 7.62x39 good luck finding it. I have a SKS sporter with the thumbhole stock that takes reg ak mag not the duck beak mags. I am thinking of selling it. I have got this SKS new the day before the AWB in 1994. I only have like 300-500 rounds in it.(have to look in my log book) still have the two 5 round mags that came with it. Its a great shooter & gun but I have a few SKS'S & AK 47's & 74's & live in PA so I don't shoot it anymore really. Maybe now would be the time to sell it. Don't know. Have ammo to go with it also. I need to make room in the safe anyway to much stuff in there.
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