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Possible Tax on ammo

Not sure how raising the price of ammo, by instituting a national tax, will make anyone "safer".

If by "safer" you're using the logic of "if you raise the price of ammo enough so no one can afford it, thus rendering guns useless", your mistaken.

I feel raising the price will have the opposite affect. People will still buy ammo, they just won't buy as much. Buying less ammo will result in less training, which will lead to more problems down the road. That's like telling your kids that you can't afford to teach them to drive because gas is too expensive but it's ok because when the time comes, they'll just automatically know how to drive safely.

One of the most dangerous things is an inexperienced person with a firearm. If the government really cared about public safety, they would make ammo as affordable as possible and encourage gun owners to not only be educated and safe, but also to practice, and become familiar with their firearms, as much as possible.

Look at all the first time buyers spurred on by the hype. How many of them do you think actually bought more than a box of ammo? Of those that did, how many do you think actually learned how to use what they bought? Look at all the people that buy something for home defense and never learn how to use it. What do they think will happen if they ever need to use it?

I'm not saying I know the answer but I do know that making ammo more expensive will not make people any "safer".

Any thoughts? Curious to hear views from both sides.
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