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I live in MA and have a Class A permit, so basically I can buy any gun that's for sale in MA. Some of the modern guns that I own are not Mass compliant but are grandfathered in. The problem is when I try to buy in NH or ME. ME is where I buy all my BP guns, powder, caps, etc. and I can buy any BP long gun or cap and ball revolver, but the store will not sell me a cartridge revolver, even if it's an antique. They do not want to mess with MA laws so they cover their butts when selling to a MA resident. I recently bought an original Springfield Trapdoor 50-70, and a Gallagher .54, but since they both shoot a cartridge, I had to go through a background check. Pain in the arse, annoying, but it had to be done if I wanted those guns. If I bought them in MA, I would not have needed a background check (antiques). Confusing as heck.
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