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Will low temp affect reliabilty?

My newest pistol, glock 23 gen 3, has been running flawlessly since I bought it this past summer. Near 2K rounds, many were my plinking reloads (They have not changed in years- 6.3gr of power pistol under 180gr JHP from Berrys or Rainier.) Zero issues.

Yesterday I was out shooting and I had 4 fte's in about an hour. Im confindent there was no limp wristing. It was 21 degrees out. My Mossy 500 had 2 ftf's also. Never seen that before in 20 some years. My guns are always cleaned and oiled after each shooting session. I shoot nearly every weekend so there is little chance of lube drying out. And I shoot in cold temps alot.

Will that low temp mess with the reliability of a glock (and also a 500)? Ive never experienced sudden failures like this before with any of my firearms.
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