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Indy, we got us some crazy foolish laws up here.
To get said 'permit', you must take a safety class, then apply to your local LE office. Get pictured and printed and your local chief of LE will decide what if any permit you may be allowed to have. FID is lowest, non large cap rifles and shotguns, LTC B, non large cap handguns, rifles and shotguns. LTC A, anything that isn't NFA, subject to restrictions placed on license by the Chief. Class B is not allowed to carry a handgun, except hunting and range trips, weapon must be locked up during transport.
Get an OUI, no more guns. Get any misdemeanor charge, good luck getting any guns. Sure, if you wait long enough you may get your non large cap rifles and shotguns back. Then again, you may not. Subject to local authority.
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