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Tom Servo:
He's much smarter than people think, and he managed a few political masterstrokes in his day. The antis would do well to listen to his advice.

When it comes to guns, Clinton is somewhat unencumbered by Northeast Liberal Group think, which also stretches across to Detroit and Chicago. Having grown up in the South, (Arkansas), Clinton is not as scared of guns and not as obsessed with removing them from every day life in America. He thought he could gain extreme political muscle with the Northeast democrats, who basically run the national party, by getting the first assault weapons ban passed. He did gain the muscle but at a tremendous loss for democrats in more rural, southern and midwestern states, which he was more familiar with. Now he's reminding the northeast liberals about those losses suffered by democrats due to the 94 ban. He's not stupid, he's actually a very shrewd politician.
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