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New pistol loader .40 S&W help (Glock 27)

I have loaded for rifles for sometime but now I have endeavored to reload for my....Glock 27 .40. I know Ive heard some horror stories.
Here is what I have and what ill be using: I like Lee stuff so dont knock it plz.
Lee Carbide 4 die kit
Lee bulge buster
Lyman case gauge as well as a caliber gauge.
Lee case trimmer

Starting off with 180Gr Hornadys
Unique powder - I plan to start low(4.5gr)really don't want to go above 5.0 gr
Range brass
Wolf Primers

Ok so give me some pointers, what to look for, what to look out for. Or some loads that have worked well for you. I want to be extra careful due to the Glock issues. Someday Ill trade the Glock in but for now, gotta use it. So help is appreciated.
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