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giving the 38s and edge

Now this is honestly just a ruse to add some pics of my SW J frame since i dont want to start a fresh thread. But here's a related idea idea on how best make use of the 38 SPL without moving up to heavy kickin' 357s. It takes the form of Hi-Hiz sight that totally shines like a traffic light!

Pic 1 is what the camera sees - depth is lost and its not what I see but the brightness of the Hi-Viz which I had installed last week is evident! I had a red ramp in before tha worked only in very optimal light conditions.
Pic 2, well thats some photoshop work, but because of the distortion and limitations of what a camera pic can reproduce this image is actually what I see - the Green site is partially osbscured if the sights are held level. Ive seen and heard of J frame owners file down the topstrap channel but I know thats tons of work for little gain... plus its expensive! For me I'll just adjust the sight picture so I can see more of the green circle.
Pic 3 is a glamour pose and again you can see how bright the Hi-Viz is (you can also see the matte white paint I have in the rear site indentation). Its not as bright as Tritium and wont woork well in low-light condtions but its great otherwise. I will take it out to the range within a few weeks...
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