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I'd go TT, it is more compact, isn't as likely to need parts replaced right out the door as the '52. The CZ52 is known to have a brittle firing pin, particularly in cases of dry-firing, there are aftermarket replacements available, but that's one more thing you'd have to pay for and wait on shipping that you wouldn't with the Tokarev. The de-cocker on the 52's is prone to wear and has been known to fire off a round when de-cocking the hammer. The rollers in the CZ52 are prone to deformation and once more often call for aftermarket replacements.

Mags and replacement parts are probably more available and cheaper for the TT.

Some claim the CZ52 is sturdier as it designed to work with hotter loads than the standard 7.62x25 used in the TT, but I suspect this is something of a myth. I have seen kb'd CZ52's and haven't ever seen kb'd TT's, which might say something considering (at least according to wikipedia) that there were 200,000 CZ52's made compared with 1.7 million TT's.
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