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We'd been in the process of looking at new homes out in the county with at least 10-12 acres anyway, so raising chickens and having a large garden were somethings we'd already planned on.

As I said, I will always be a meat eater and I know our decision won't change anything. But we have been involved in animal rescue and dog fostering for years, and animal welfare in general is something that we take to heart. In fact animal abuse is at the top of my "oh hell no you better not push that button" list.

So maybe I will sleep better at night knowing I walked the walk. Plus it'll give me even more reason to get out in the woods. I never go turkey hunting despite having every opportunity, but now I'm already making plans!

If they only knew that hunters have much more respect for the game they use than the processing facilities do. Just my two cents.
It's not just you .284 I did a consulting job at a large processing center years ago and couldn't even look at a chicken for 2 weeks!
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