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Vertical Stringing

I just bought a Savage 11 ultra lightweight that is vertical stringing. 2 inch vertical string at 100 yards. A five shot group will consistently start 2" high at 100 and move straight down a line and finish 2" below where the first shot was.
Its floated and I assume Savage pillar bedded it. My thoughts are barrel moving as heated, but from what I have read about this rifle the barrels are supposed to be top of the line barrels that have been completely stress relieved. I am considering glass bedding. Tried a few different loads. They all vertical string. Some more and some less, but they all vertical string. My best load vertical strings in a perfectly straight line. Tomorrow I am planning on playing with the torque on the stock bolts. If that does not work, I guess I will glass bed it tomorrow night. Anyone have any ideas to try first?
Tally ultra light base/rings combo. Bases bedded and rings lapped. The base and ring is one piece on front and one piece on back.

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