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Originally Posted by 4EVERM-14
As to faster lock times the hammer or striker is usually a lighter weight material. As such they need stronger springs to drive positively into the primer.
I often hear this about revolver hammers. The problem is (at least in the case of revolvers) it ain't so: Lighter hammers don't need stronger springs to maintain reliability. I'm trying to understand why an AR hammer would be different.

The popular assumption is that a revolver's hammer's momentum or energy sets off primers. But it's neither momentum nor energy that sets primers off. It's the hammer's power. A lighter hammer gains speed (and therefore power) if the spring remains unchanged. IOW, it's better at igniting primers. Matter of fact, you can lighten a revolver's mainspring without affecting reliability if you bob the hammer. And with less hammer jar to boot. Check out my vid above. That revolver has a competition-grade DA trigger pull, but it's lit off everything I've fed it. And it's a tack driver to boot.
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