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Alabama>>>I sense a little sarcasm in your post but again, I may be wrong.

It is not a fascinating story. Maybe interesting but definitely not fascinating.

Just a note that I was NOT a US NAVY Sniper. I am originally from Turkey but I served in NATO forces before I became a U.S. Citizen and during Desert Storm I served side by side with U.S. Air Force missile squadron in Northern Iraq and before the war I was the squadron commander in charge of the NATO forces protecting U.S. Air Force Base in Yamanlar-Izmir, Turkey which was the job of the NAVY SAS Commando Squadron and 12 Snipers.

By telling who I was what I meant was that the anti-gun people believes every civilian out there who is not wearing a police uniform can't be trusted to own or carry a gun without knowing what could be the past of that civilian they see in the street.

That was my point.

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