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Hey guys, I'm new to reloading. I just got all my equipment setup and wanted to start on some good home defense rounds for my P345 45. Was wondering if anyone had the same pistol as me that had a good load worked up already. I'm looking for something that will mimick the Hydra Shock or any other good L.E.O. Round.
230 grain bullet, 4.7 grains Alliant Bullseye. Can't argue with a classic.

Also, I have heard of alot of reloaded ammo jamming in this model pistol. If you can let me know if you have got any loads that you have founf not to jam, that would be great.
I have not heard any such rumors.

You'd need to look at exactly where and how it's jamming, because there's a variety of possible reasons for it. Mostly I'd say, pay attention to seating the bullet to the right depth, and to proper crimping.

If it consistently hangs up feeding the last round in the magazine, you might need a new recoil spring.
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