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I use a press, and have used various sizes of bullets in my rifles in 7,62x54. The best accuracy was with Sierra Hot Core .311 I think they were 150 grain Soft Points.

For economy I use .308 bullets for .30 Carbine due to the fact that I load .30 carbine, and have a lot of them on hand. I use Trail Boss, and the 3.1 cc dipper that came with the die set. They are easy on the shoulder, and sound like a .22 LR and have a loud sonic crack afterwards. They shoot minute of 4 inch steel plate at 25 yards, and hit it harder than .357 Mag does.

Here is a link to a youtube video of me shooting one at the range. Note how it is not that loud, then the sound of the sonic boom. They are ton of fun to shoot.
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