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It will be $399 OTD (no tax). It looks to be in fair-good condition. It has some wear on the normal carry spots. A couple of small nicks around the trigger guard. What can you tell me out this gun? Is that a fair price.
Two months ago, I would have told you that this price was ~20-30% high for fair-good condition, but in the current market conditions, all bets are off. Right now, the fact that it's less than $400 and takes mags in excess of 10rd capacity makes it a good buy.
I have a 5906 already. Should I expect the same reliability from the 469?
More or less. Hard to tell considering we're talking about used guns.
Is the 469 a 2nd gen? What are the primary differences in gens?
Yes, it's a 2nd-gen. The most important differences are:
  • Separate screw-on grip panels and metal mainspring retainer, rather than pinned wraparound plastic grip unit with integral mainspring retainer
  • Front sight is integral with slide rather than dovetailed, making night sight installation much more involved
  • Different rear sight design than later fixed-sight 3rd-gen guns (screw-adjustable unit was not used on 69-series guns of either generation)
  • Separate 1911-style barrel bushing complicates field-stripping procedure slightly
  • RH-side ambi decocker/safety was optional; if present, it will probably be attached with an unsightly Philips- or Allen-head screw rather than a tab retained by a hidden spring-loaded plunger. (This was a late 2nd-gen change, so a few 2nd-gens have it.)
will my 5906 mags work in the 469?
AFAIK they will. IIRC all 59-series mags work in any 59- or 69-series gun (or 9mm Marlin Camp Carbine).
If so where can I get grip "spacers" to make the mag look natural while on it... does anyone know anywhere to get wood grips for it?
Sorry, can't help you there.
Where can I find info on the manufactor date. Google showed a recall for it...
Call S&W customer service; the gun is recent enough that they should be able to look it up. You can also get a general idea by posting the 3-letter serial prefix.
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