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Lee dies include the scoop (Lee calls them dippers). Either you get one inside your die box, or they send the complete set, (which I doubt, unless you order it). I do not recommend paying for the dipper set because the Perfect Powder Measure is only a few dollars more.
Dippers X Powders chart is here:
Lee does provide free load data on the die instruction sheet, but you cannot download the data. Load data is available free from all powder manufactures.

As to bullet diameter needed, that is specific to the individual rifle you are loading for, and its actual bore diameter, which can be determined by measuring a soft lead slug passed through the barrel. The best diameter bullet for your individual rifle might be any, or none, of the diameters listed.
Bullets dropping into the cartridge would indicate something completely different, like brass hasn't been resized and cannot be used yet.
You should obtain (or download) a manual and reloading instructions and READ!
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