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Do you have enough space to be able to raise any of your own livestock? Hunting season isn't all the time, at least it isn't here. If you raise animals you provide them the treatment they receive. The happier the animals the tastier the meat.

If you raise chickens you will have fresh eggs and fresh chicken. It doesn't take many chickens to have more fresh eggs than you know what to do with.

I have thought about trying to raise rabbits as well. They breed like rabbits, they grow fast and the meat is tasty. I looked into ways to try to provide them as close to a free range diet as possible.

Raising your own animals you will be more self sufficient and you know the animals lived in a humane manner and died in a humane manner. If you have a garden, all of the animal waste from the rabbits and chickens can be used to fertilize the dirt and you will have a better crop of whatever you plant.
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