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7.62x54 Steel Core vs AR500 @ 200yds

Okay, so here's the deal. I was at the range Saturday throwing some shots at the 200 yard 1/2" AR500 steel silhouette target. I was using grey-tipped steel core 148gr surplus ammo out of a MN 91/30.

I went back today and the range master asked me if I was using steel core ammo. He said somebody had "punched holes" in the steel target with steel core ammo.

I realize it's their range and their rules. But I was of the impression that a steel-core round at 200 yards would be fine against 1/2" AR500. I was NOT using armor-piercing rounds.

Opinions? Experiences? I didn't go out to the target to look at the "damage", but I'm just wondering if it was really my steel core that he was referencing.

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