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Tell me about the S&W 469

He guys, I am looking at picking up a S&W 469. It will be $399 OTD (no tax). It looks to be in fair-good condition. It has some wear on the normal carry spots. A couple of small nicks around the trigger guard. What can you tell me out this gun? Is that a fair price. Any info would be appreciated. I do have a few specific questions.

1) anyone know the exact dimensions of the 469?

2) I have a 5906 already. Should I expect the same reliability from the 469? Is the 469 a 2nd gen? What are the primary differences in gens?

3) will my 5906 mags work in the 469? If so where can I get grip "spacers" to make the mag look natural while on it

4) does anyone know anywhere to get wood grips for it?

5) Where can I find info on the manufactor date. Google showed a recall for it, but I could only find dates and have no idea what the date on this is
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