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my exp w/ brand new Pedersoli Kentucky

I just bought a brand new 50 caliber,flintlock, Pedersoli Kentucky rifle. I have never seen another flint lock so I can't compare.
My rifle with a fresh flint got me kicked out of the house because my wife thought all the sparks were going to catch her carpet on fire. Outside, I used the first flint with just powder in the pan and towards the end of the flints useful life I was getting a few failures. I put in a new flint for my first trip to the range.
At the range I got 100% performance. I am using Goex fffg in the bore and in the pan. I am concerned about the delay between the hammer falling and the discharge. I reduced powder charges in the pan to around a grain, which helped but even at it's fastest discharge I could still hear the flint striking the frizzen. I am contemplating opening the touchhole liner to a 1/16th inch. Even with the slow ignition I was getting a nice group, and am sure I could hunt game with this gun.
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