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I have yet to figure out why so many firearms manufacturers are in the northeast.

<sigh>... is American History being taught these days?

Read up a little about Eli Whitney and The Industrial Revolution.

New England was the center of the Industrial Revolution. From Massachusetts south to Connecticut, Yankee Ingenuity coupled with a good market for goods and cheap and reliable water power to run industrial machinery: This was where things were built.

It all started there and the legacy persists. Lathes, Milling Machines, Precision measuring instruments, and firearms all come from the same root.

BRIDGEPORT milling machines (Bridgeport CT)

Browne and Sharpe measuring instruments (Providence RI)

Pratt and Whitney machine tools (later aircraft engines, but first they made machine tools): Hartford CT


Back to the OP's "point": Other than niche manufacturers, gun companies could give a rats ass about boycotts, etc. Their butter is spread firmly on the government contract side of the bread. You think Colt really cares about civil AR-15 sales? NYPD buys more than every civil purchase put together. Ammo? Have a look at the DHS purchase numbers. Follow the money, guys.



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