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I guess I'm not explaining well... the wheel "tracks" with the rod fine, but lifts off the rod & sticks out ( yes the spring is intact ) & can & does snap in, if you wiggle the riser... in fact on one, primer, it snapped one across the room

Ok I got it now. The primer seater punch has some crud in it and is causing it to sit a bit proud. Test this by unscrewing the seater punch a couple of threads or take it completely out and see if the shuttle behaves. If so push the seater punch up and blow the crud out of the bottom out with some canned air until the punch will fully retract inthe threaded punch assembly. One grain of 231 in that primer system can jam up the entire sequence of operation. The slide will be catching on the pin if the pin is not flush or slightly below the shellplate

I am far from being a mechanical genius but once I learned to keep thing squeeky clean, it functions perfectly. In the last year and a couple of months my LnL has loaded ?? K now. Loaded close to 2K 9mm's in the last week. About once every hundred rounds I would stop and take my air compressor and blow off any powder that had fallen onto the shell plate.

That first night of using mine I was as frustrated as you sound and becasue of the exact same problem. However the Hornady rep spent probably 30 - 45 minutes on the phone with me the next day and everything started to click. Just remember first thing to do in any malfunction is check for crud keeping things from cycling as they should

look at this image, it is upside down but if the punch is not flush or slightly below the threaded holder that will stop the slide from moving fully forward and can jam it from going back also. If you feel any resistance stop and find out what is causing it, that is most likly the reason your wheel popped off. I am speaking from experience here LOL.


That primer punch is the one part of the press that really needs to be rethought out in my opinion. One flake of powder in it can bring the entire press to a standstill. A friend of mine who also has one and I were discussing that today. A couple of grooves in the punch that pushes the primer into the case would stop the crud from causing it to sit high like I suspect yours is. Those simple grooves would allow the crud fall out the bottom and eliminate 99% of the jams and malfunctions
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