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I look at guns with a minimum quality level, there is alot of stuff I would never buy. When I say entry level, I mean I'm looking for a basic solid platform without alot of bells and whistles. I have hand built guns of my own, and customized several others, it doesn't fit my budget or really even interest me to get a custom or collector grade piece. I'm not trying to find the absolute cheapest though either.

It looks like choices are slim in a .22mag. I really do like the round and could see it being a decent option for small game in addition to plinking. I will have to try and rent a 4" .38 or .357. I don't believe I have ever shot one. The last DA revolver I shot was when someone handed me a very hot loaded .357 snubbie at the range. I have my CCW choices all worked out already and would have no use for something like that.
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