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In the price range you stated if you are looking for new, and are dead set unyielding in the demand for .22 WMR then you are in the price range of a Rossi/Taurus. I have seen several people shooting the .22 mag Tauri at the range, all were more accurate than the owners, none had any problems.

That said if you are not just dead set on .22 mag then a used S&W can be found in that price range if you look around. I bught a .38 Special Mod 67-1 4 inch that was priced at $325 a year ago Christmas. This weekend I picked up a Model 28-2 6 inch (.357 Mag that was police officer's gun, finish wear from the holster, and not many rounds fired out of it.) For that I paid $300.

Here is a pic of them. The Mod 67 is the stanless one.

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