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It looks like NY is limited to 7 rounds now. They have a year to sell their mags (out of state) that hold more than 7. Until that time they can only load 7 rounds into their existing mags. Boy am I glad the criminals also adhere to the mag limit rules. If they didn't, the NY citizens would be in trouble.

...Now the representatives are trying to introduce a provision so that LEOs, ex-LEOs & judges can carry more than 7 round mags. It seems like in their haste to pass something, they kind of left out a clause that exempted LEOs and the like from carrying more. The reps are saying that the police would be out gunned by the criminals if they don't fix this. So where does that leave the average law abiding armed citizen then? Out in the cold with only seven bullets in their gun trying to fight criminals who are armed with 30 round mags. Good luck guys!!!!!!
Soldiers are dying every day to protect our freedoms. The least we can do is vote.
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