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Originally Posted by BigJimP View Post
...I have about 50 handguns...
OMG! A hoarder!

Don't you know those things are dangerous? Send some to me and I'll keep them safe for you.

Back to the OP's point, while a lot of folks disparage .22LR, it does have a very meaningful place. Otherwise it would have faded long ago.

Now, for a primary carry gun, there may - or may not depending on circumstances, be a better choice. You have to figure that out for yourself based on your circumstances. I'd take a .22 over a .25 any day of the week.

My wife has a .380, which a lot of people also think is too wimpy. But it beats the pants off begging for mercy.

9mm has the lions share of the market because it has a lot of advantages most people desire. But, as I said, if .22 was completely useless it would have faded long ago.


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