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They also have Air rifles so powerful people go BIG GAMW hunting in..... AFRICA!!! With an Air-Rifle!!! I'm sure those cost a lot of money, as in thousands. I mean hunting big-game in Africa with an... Air rifle? Crazy, but people do it vs BIG game in Africa. I still bet those super super extremely crazy high powered air rifles cost thousands or more. Heck I wouldn't even feel all that safe with a .44 MAG in Africa. But some Air-Rifles are more powerful. Goes to show just how powerful modern Air rifles CAN be.
Check out the Quakenbush rifles and pistols mentioned earlier. VERY powerful....three quite interesting shots per fill.
Not thousands of dollars necesarily either. Just hard to get and well made.
Starting under $600. How about a .458 air rifle delivering 500 fpe?
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