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So the question is, how do we stack up to other "civilized" nations when it comes to homicide involving firearms when previous comparisons are apparently now not a valid argument.
All countries are civilized. What elitist BS were these people coming up with that was treating some other countries as somehow "lesser" because they are not in a the US or Europe? That is pure garbage.

That said countries were firearms ownership has nearly always been banned (instead of just recently) has resulted in abysmal records of freedom in those countries. There is a direct correlation between the level of firearm freedom and the level of individual freedom. Crime is also astronomically high in countries where firearms are not allowed or have always been forbidden. Crime rises as soon as firearms are banned and continues to rise (in nearly every case).

Look at this chart:

ETA: The people you are discussing this with say the numbers are now "invalid" because it is a losing argument for them. Strange because for years the argument was those numbers, until they went against them.
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