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Another solution: sell the gun and buy a revolver. Especially for those who are hesitant to carry a gun in condition 1, cocked and one in the chamber, the last thing you need is to have a problem with pulling back the slide. The extra time and effort involved could mean the difference between being able to use your firearm for self defense and being caught fumbling with firearm by the bad guy. You eliminate the problem totally with a revolver. Each person needs to decide if the tradeoff of reduced round capacity and slightly more problem of concealment is worth the elimination for the need to rack the slide. There is a reason that the j-frame revolver is the most popular, or at least one of the most popular handguns for concealed carry.
My experience on this is that people who don't have the strength to rack the slide also don't have the strength to work the double action trigger in a revolver. Especially from the J-frames. They may be able to pull it a few times, but their accuracy will suffer because of the effort, and that issue will increase drastically the longer a range session lasts.

As others stated and the Cornered Cat link shows, racking the slide has very little to do with strength, at least if it is done correctly.

A revolver may very well be a better choice for some people, but it can also be just trading one problem for another.
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