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carcano with hornady bullets

Hi, I have been reading/lurking here for a few months reading up. I just got a family hand me down, a Carcano model 38 made in 1940. It's had the stock cut down unfortunaty, but I do like the overall look of the little rifle.
I'll try to post a few photos once I get them uploaded to photobucket.

my question

our local gun store had the Hornady bullets, 6.5 carcano.

there is a warning label on the box to have the bore measured to make sure the minimum groove diameter is over .2670.

Is this really necissary?

everything I have found on this gun says the hornady bullets are the prefered bullet and that the privi partisan ammo is undersize.

I have disassymbled and cleaned everything and it all looks good and cycles properly. I also inserted a loaded clip and cycled all 6 rounds in and out of the breach. All loaded and ejected without difficulty and the clip fell out when the last round was loaded.

would you go for it and test fire or wait and have the gun smith measure the bore?

Also, is there supposed to be a serial number on the bolt? I can find no markings on the bolt

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