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I just ran some DP 124g JHP's the other day at the range. I was testing out some Tight Group at 4.2g. They were accurate and cycled great but the primers were cratered. The loads with 4.0g's did not show any signs of high pressure.

The OAL was 1.065 for both.

I am testing 4.0g's of Bullseye next.

My most accurate load out of my CZ 75B was 7.0g's of Power Pistol using a 90g XTP. From a rest I was getting same hole accuracy at 25 yards. Yes that is a hot load but, zero signs of over pressure while firing those.

Another load I loved was using AA #5 but, I ran out of that powder and I have too many different powders as it is. I am trying to find 4-5 powders that will work relatively well with all of the calibers I shoot.

Power Pistol, Unique, H335, H110 and Herco seem to be what I am trying to live with? I did just buy some 800x to try in the 10mm. I hear that it is the secret to true 10mm loads? Ok I have rambled on way to long! Sorry.
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