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Where do you live? Just kind of general where do you live, not specific?
West of Lawton, OK.

Also, I read that living where pigs are means you never have to go without meat? Is it that predictable to get pork from wild pigs where you live?
We always have a surplus of pig meat. We have feeders and traps running nearly the entire year and the hogs are always fat. Last year we shot about 20 wild hogs and trapped about 150 more. All those hogs went to someone who needed the meat. Most were given away as field dressed hogs, some were skinned and some were processed and donated to the food bank.

Also how much meat do you get out of whatever size pig you prefer to shoot? Is that size prevalent where you live? I am in southwest Missouri, no pigs here.
We get about 35-40 pounds of meat from a 100 pound hog. OK is over-run with hogs of varying sizes.

Can you shoot pig anytime of the year and have good pork?
Pretty much so. The meat from a skinny hog is no good. Once in a great while we will trap a skinny hog: They go into a friends hog pen to be fattened.

OK does not require hog hunters to buy hunting licenses.
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