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Newest addition to my CCW Lineup: Kahr CW9

Okay I've had this one for a few months, but just started carrying it last week.

I really like the pistol so far, super nice to carry, and unlike my last small 9mm (Kel-tec PF9) I actually enjoy taking it to the range.

Completely stock Kahr CW9.

I have 500 rounds through it with not a single failure to feed or fire. (300 FMJ range ammo, 200 Hornady Critical Defense)

I did have a couple cases of the slide failing to lock back, during a session of night shooting, but when I was cleaning it back home I found a bunch of grit and some small pebbles inside one of the mag bodies. My theory is the debris prevented the follower from engaging the slide lock. I cleaned it out and haven't encountered the problem again.

I have a DeSantis Double Mag pouch, and a Galco MX7 belt holster to hold everything until my Gun Nut holster gets here.

Also have a crossbreed on the way for IWB carry.

I do plan to get a Tritium Front sight for it at some point, but no other planned changes.
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