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US firearms deaths compared to other countries?

This was brought up in a conversation, we were talking about how America compares to others like those in Europe and how America appears to have the highest fatality rate when it comes to firearms.

I've read and seen several statistical analysis between the UK and Australia, and have also heard the argument that we can't compare our crime rates that involve firearms to those countries due to the way they track their crimes.

So the question is, how do we stack up to other "civilized" nations when it comes to homicide involving firearms when previous comparisons are apparently now not a valid argument.

I'm not entirely sure where to begin on a topic like this. China is one I can think of but they've banned firearms all together and the frequent argument I get back when bringing China into the mix is that the criminals there using knives, axes, cleavers etc. came up with less fatalities than the mass shootings with a firearm. (Which doesn't make it any less horrific IMO)

Thoughts? Suggestions?
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