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You might take a look at a Bersa Thunder 380 "CC" model. It is a modified Bersa Thunder with a 3.25 inch barrel, very thin profile, reduced rear tang, smaller controls and integral low profile fixed sights designed as a concealed carry weapon. It has its own eight round magazine (not the regular 7 round Bersa magazine), alloy frame, and only weighs approximately 17.5 ounces with empty mag in place. It is still slightly, just slightly, larger than a PPK/S but much lighter. It is thinner than the PPK or PPK/S though the grip.
Hmmm..... Hmmm... Very interesting....

I looked at the Thunder CC, but didn't think it was much smaller than the regular Thunder. It was hard to tell, though, just looking at the picture and specs. I also assumed that the 8 rnd mag made the grip longer. Is that true? Now that NY has banned anything larger than 7 rnds (MFers), it's not an advantage to have the extra capacity, especially if it makes the gun bigger. I do like the idea of a trimmed beavertail. It being thinner than the PPK is an advantage. I didn't realize it was. I don't like that the mags are not interchangeable with the regular Thunder. But I will start giving it some serious thought.

How is that shortened hammer to cock?

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