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Originally Posted by Glenn E Meyer
“Do not patronize the passionate supporters of your opponents by looking down your nose at them,” Clinton said.
I have never known Clinton as anything other than a partisan political adversary and a man with at least his share of vices. Stupidity is not one of his vices.

Originally Posted by Tom Servo
In any case, Clinton's words were worth considering, but the anti-gunners think they've got the wind at their back, so I doubt he'll be heeded.
Clinton has the considerable political advantage not just of his own brilliance, but by being relatively unhindered by the sort of inflexibility that accompanies a deeply held and principled belief.

Those who have made a career of abridging and individual's right to firearms are a very different sort of person. While we may not find their arguments are consistent with data or well reasoned, the "anti-gunners" are routinely convinced that they are correct not just factually but morally. This makes flexible and deft handling of public opinion very difficult for them. Sandy Hook certainly represented an opportunity for advocates of that position, but I would not think those advocates will have the inclination to follow Clinton's advice.

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