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There is so much difference in controls, feel, grip angle, etc ...on a variety of handgun mfg's....that just buying a .22 or a 9mm isn't the issue....its about picking something that fits your hands ...that you can practice with effectively.

Have a .22 with a very different feel, grip, controls, etc - from a different mfg's 9mm....doensn't make for good practice with a .22 .../ having something similar ( will be better )....

The .22 is not inherently a waste of money ...but it depends on what you want the .22 for...practice drawing from holster ( its no practice for recoil control), plinking, etc...

Good long term .22's ....maybe a conversion kit for the 9mm platform that you like ( Sig, 1911, etc ) ..../ maybe a Browning Buckmark with a similar grip angle to a 1911.../ maybe a .22 revolver like a K frame S&W ..and then a K frame revolver in .357 mag ( shoot .38's and .357 in it ) then the .22 version is useful in practice in and out of holster, double action trigger pull, you transition to the .357 mag....
I have about 50 handguns...and about 8 .22's ( a couple of revolvers, some Buckmarks, some conversion kits )...none of them are a waste, because I had a plan for them, when I bought them.
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