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Jim - you haven't seen what these snowbirds do to a local trap club - the 4 or 5 months they are typically here makes the entire year for some of these clubs - they are packed every day. And with a lot of these folks coming from states that have just introduced ridiculous new laws, they want to get as much shooting in as they can. Granted, trap is still somewhat dying, but only because games like Sporting, FITASC, 5-stand, etc., have sprung up to add more fun and challenges into the mix. Here, we have an average attendance of 75 shooters for a registered monthly tournament in sporting with minimum prizes. The "big blasts" with big money will draw hundreds. Yes, it isn't cheap, but there are a lot of new shooters, especially women and younger ones coming into the sport every shoot. The disposable income is there, and the clubs are doing everything they can do make them spend it shooting instead of boating or golfing.
After this weekend, I have a big blast over two days next weekend. Then if I win the lotto, there are three more back to back to back throughout February, and they all have a large number already pre-registered, so things are looking up.

Now, if we can get ammo at reasonable prices (or even at all), things will be doing better

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