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I have a "break/pump Air Rifle .177 that shoots at 1200 FPS (at least claims it does with proper pellets). When I used the high velocity pellets not only did it sound like a regular .22 rifle, but I tested it's penetration.

The .177 at 1000 to 1200 FPS went through 4 pizza boxes (so 8 layers) then into the phonebook behind it. It stopped around page 270. That is major power for a .177 air rifle that costed $150!! If if could penetrate that much, i wouldn't hesitate to use if even in self-defense if its ALL I HAD (key word is is if it was only weapon I had).

Now a friend of mine as a .22 Air rifle that also is high-velocity. Not as fast as .177 of course but I think 900 to 1000 FPS is what it claims. That thing was loud and seemed like a real rifle. He even shot a cylinder block and was taking chunks off it!! So I very we'll could picture a Air-rifle for hunting, especially smaller game. You need a .22 with the highest FPS you can get. Also the pellets meant for hunting work, too.

They also have Air rifles so powerful people go BIG GAMW hunting in..... AFRICA!!! With an Air-Rifle!!! I'm sure those cost a lot of money, as in thousands. I mean hunting big-game in Africa with an... Air rifle? Crazy, but people do it vs BIG game in Africa. I still bet those super super extremely crazy high powered air rifles cost thousands or more. Heck I wouldn't even feel all that safe with a .44 MAG in Africa. But some Air-Rifles are more powerful. Goes to show just how powerful modern Air rifles CAN be.

I've also seen YouTube videos where even a .177 Air-Rifle that is around 1200 FPS taking out a fox/coyote in one shot. I've also read a story of a guy who used his .22 air rifle as a means to "just scare away the deer". He didnt know how powerful modern air rifles had became. So he hit the deer in the right spot and supposedly the thing ran a little bit then dropped!

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