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shouldn't law enforcement adhere to the 7 round rule. It's mostly Joe Average who is in a situation where a handgun would be "nice" or "handy". Law enforcement, on the otherhand, are responding mostly, to an after the fact incident. The bad guys are gone. And they always have more than one or several responders. Who responding to anyone being carjacked,raped,robbed or beaten? How many times does a law enforcement person draw and use their weopon rightjeously ? What makes them more important than anyone else except their job,by choice, is to respond to dangerous situations.(again, there are always more than one responding) How many excessive force lawsuits are filed a year against law enforcement ?

Now, don't take this the wrong way. I'm not against proper law enforcement. I'm just saying, YOUR LIFE, MY Life is just as important as THEIR Life. Strip cuomo and others of their armed guards and maybe NY residents wouldn't be in this struggle to keep and bear arms as our forefathers
fought and died for.
Tom E..SMS USAF ret.
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