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Others have said it, let me repeat it ... I occasionally choose a Smith 637 to carry, but it's a labor of love ... shooting a j-frame takes constant practice and tons of dry fire ... the reason I don't carry it all the time is because I have a Kahr PM9 which is so light and so easy to shoot accurately that it's hard to argue for the Smith ... plus it carries two extra rounds, or three with the extended mag, reloading is a second's work ... I love revolvers but if I have a choice, it's a semi every time for carry... incidently, you might add the Springfield XDs to the mix ... 6 rds of .45ACP, light and easy to shoot ... took my brand new XDs to the range today for the first time, was hitting in the 9 ring from the get-go, no failures, big bullet ... I think after I have it out a few more times, it will be my new EDC ...
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