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As I understand the prototypes had flat bottom stops and
the militari specified the change to a radiused leading edge.
The Army Ordnance department made the change after complaints from the mounted troops over the slide being difficult to hand-cycle with the hammer down, and for no other reason.

I have to say that they were right on this one
I'll have to disagree. Again, I was so impressed with the effect of the original 5/64ths radius stop that...when the originals became scarce...I went to the trouble of making my own.

How the rounded edge affects momentum is logical,more slide leverage thru longer contact,clear mechanical advantage and smoother action compressing the main
The smaller radius affects delay and momentum purely through reducing the mechanical advantage in cocking the hammer and overcoming the mainspring. A matter of simple leverage.

And there isn't a smooth action in compressing the mainspring, regardless of the firing pin stop radius. Its effect is brief, but telling.

The hammer doesn't remain in contact with the slide, but is rather slammed backward...bounces off the grip safety tang...and falls back to the slide, striking it roughly at the junction of the stop and the center rail, assuming that the mainspring is to spec and in good shape.

The photo below illustrates the "Strike Zones" of the hammer on the grip safety and the stop/rail junction. The damage is most often seen on soft pre-1946 production slides, but it's occasionally seen on newer, hardened slides with enough mileage. Another plus with an oversized fitted stop is that you can leave it just a few thousandths below flush with the center rail, and avoid the peening on the rail. The stop catches all the hell. In the photo, the peening was done before the oversized/square stop was installed.

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