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Originally Posted by NoSecondBest
I don't think there's anything that demonstrates more the insignificance of lock time than watching some very highly skilled shooters shooting their 1874 Sharps rifles at six hundred yards.
"Insignificance" or "significance"? If lock time were insignificant, why does it take "highly skilled" shooters to shoot a Sharps at 600? Isn't it likely these shooters would tell us that it is these conditions (slow bullet & lock time) that provide a particularly tough added challenge.

Originally Posted by Tom68
I really had no intentions of "doing anything with" this knowledge... but to be candid I was getting a little discouraged with the replies of "don't worry about it"
I'm all for curiosity. Some might presume it means the asker is merely looking for a short cut around good technique. There is no short cut, of course, but knowledge strengthens one's foundation, IMO.
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